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Drayhorse Shires are proud to be the Australian Distributor of Glinkowski Carriages.

Glinkowski Carriages is the largest horse carriage producer and well known in the horse carriage market. Glinkowski has over 50 years of experience in metalwork as well as modern machinery and professional staff offering high quality services in cutting, bending profiles and sheet metal working, welding, metal processing and painting.

Cinderella Carriage

This carriage is for those truly fairytale events.

    • Removable weather proof cover optional
    • Disc brakes/hand brake
    • Deep buttoned upholstery
    • Removable carpets
    • Crown on top
    • Box on rear or optional grooms seat for team
    • Suit single pair or team
    • Available to fit ponies, horses or heavy horses


  • Optional fairy lights/cd player or light set
  • Sprung pole

Call now on 0476 199 826 for further details.

Vis A Vis Carriage

Available in either full White or Black this luxury carriage seats 4 adults comfortably in the rear with front seat for driver and groom.Absolutely stunning, excellent quality, made to order, with brass or white metal fittings, disc brakes as standard.

  • Wheels 90 x 110
  • Spring suspension front and rear elliptical springs
  • Imitation leather upholstery and hoods
  • Sprung pole
  • Acrylic or metalic paint

Optional Extras

  • Rear and front led lights
  • Wooden wheels
  • Optional rear seat for grooms
  • Wooden pole
  • Wooden box on rear
  • Mechanical handbrake
  • Team leader bars
  • Leather upholstery and hood.

Twin Hooded Landau

  • Suitable for single, pair or team
  • Seat 4 passengers plus driver and groom, optional rear double seat for grooms
  • Disc brakes, handbrake,
  • Deep buttoned upholstery
  • Clip on carpets removable to reveal rubber mats
  • Choice of colours
  • Rear box optional
  • Spares compartment under the seat
  • Available with brass or white metal fittings

Call now on 0476 199 826 for further details.

Glass Fronted Landau

This carriage has the benefit of being fully enclosed and fully convertible.

  • Disc Brakes/hand brake
  • Seats 4 passengers plus groom and coachmen
  • White metal or brass fittings
  • Choice of colours
  • Buttoned backed interior,
  • Suit pair or team

This carriage was used by us for many years on thousands of events in winter and summer, very high class carriage, a favourite with our clients.

Call now on 0476 199 826 or 0447 804 344 for further details.

Glass Hearse
Hearses from  $23,333

  • Etched windows
  • Suit single pair or team,
  • Great detail, internal rails, internal rollers and coffin stops
  • Decorative roof
  • Choice of colours
  • Double rear doors, takes upto 7ft3 casket, 3ft 6 internal width , internal drapes
  • Fittings in gold or silver to match lining
  • Wheels available in wood or metal
  • Poles can be tradional wood or sprung metal
  • Suit pair or team
  • Choice of colours

We also offer a bow front hearse, which has bowed front and rear glass. Call now on 0476 199 826 for further details.

Treningswagen Carriage

Dynamic Carriage

Speider Light Carriage

High Seat Trainer
from $12,250

This carriage is fantastic for training, pair, teams and trandem (3 abreast) suitable for light horses and heavy horses, this carriage can come in any colour of your choice with upholstery in a variety of colours. Easy for groom to get on and off at rear.

Optional extras

  • Headboard with sign writing
  • Brakes front and rear
  • Team bars
  • Trandem bars
  • Lights front and rear including indicators
  • Seats 6 to 14 depending on size
  • Available in two heights for the smaller or heavy horse.


Show Carts
from  $7,067.00


Gig for heavy or light horse

  • Wooden wheels 135cm
  • All body and frame wooden
  • Wooden shafts
  • 1 half eliptical spring
  • Imitation deep buttoned leather upholstery
  • All pipes around seat and front dash reins can be stainless steel or brass
  • Dashboard patent leather


Two Wheeled Show Gig

  • Suitable for heavy horse, but can supply smaller version for light horse
  • Metal wheels 140cm
  • Double front seat, deep buttoned upholstery flat double cushion
  • Seat with sliding adjustment mechanism
  • Alteration on axle
  • Axle width inside wheel to wheel 130cm approximately
  • Wooden dashboard
  • White metal or brass fittings

Optional extras

  • Patent leather dashboard

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